Depression and You
Introduction to Depression and you.

As the force behind the Depression and You web site I want you to know that I, like many of you, have experienced everything from the "blues" all the way to a clinical depression. I have also worked with individuals with similar experiences, as well as have done academic work in the areas of social psychology and counseling. Depression and You is based upon the information I have gained from my research of the professional literature in these areas.

My hope is that the information contained in this site will help you improve your quality of life. It is in no way meant to be therapy or a substitute for any therapeutic effort which you are presently undertaking. You should review the information you find meaningful here with any professionals attempting to help you.

You are encouraged to be skeptical of this effort. Use what makes sense to you. Look at the demo before you decide to purchase the training. Take the training one lesson at a time. If it's not for you, stop when you reach that conclusion.

The training available here is based on research conducted in an Arkansas regional mental health center in the mid 80s. Both the group that received training and the control group were given pre and post tests for comparison. The training proved to be most effective with individuals who self reported having experienced depression. You may contact us at DAYCS here at

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