Depression and You
Introduction to Depression and you.

Do you believe what you think affects what you feel? For example: Suppose one night you were staying in a friend's old, two-story house. You are watching a scary movie on television; suddenly you hear a noise upstairs that sounds like a lamp crashing to the floor. With your mind already focused on scary things happening, you investigate.

You inch your way upstairs, anticipating anything and everything. As you reach the top, you hear something in a room to your left. You cautiously proceed and hold your breath as you approach the threshold of the room. Silently, you slip your hand to the doorfacing and then to the light switch on the wall. Quickly you turn on the light. And there, to your surprise, is your friend's cat!

What were your feelings as you imagined going up the stairs and hearing the second noise? Compare them to your feelings when you learned it was a cat. Would you agree that what you were thinking affected your feelings? If so, you may find this site interesting and maybe even helpful in dealing with your negative emotions.

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